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     In 1997 LABTrack led the market with the introduction of the first commercial Electronic Laboratory Notebook product.  Today thousands of scientists, technicians and engineers around the world rely on the LABTrack ELN to capture their notes,  data and files in a collaborative, searchable database.  And hundreds of companies trust the LABTrack ELN to store their intellectual property safely and securely for the long term.



    • ♦  Unlimited Number of Notebooks
    • ♦  User Definable Access Rights and Privileges
    • ♦  21 CFR Part 11 Compliant (Electronic Signature)
    • ♦  Legally Compliant (FRCP, FRE)
    • ♦  Open Source Notebook Page Format Ensures Longevity        
    • ♦  As Easy to Use as a Word Processor           
    • ♦  Embed an Unlimited Number and Type of Files
    • ♦  Link to Externally Stored Documents
    • ♦  User Defined Templates
    • ♦  Search on Standard and User Defined Fields
    • ♦  Export to Many formats Including PDF, Word, Excel, HTML
    • ♦  Licensed by Number of Users
    • ♦  Subscription and Perpetual Licensing
    • ♦  Cloud Hosting or Local Hosting - Your Choice



     For too long LIMS implementations have been complicated, expensive and time consuming.  Borrowing from it's decades of experience in this market - LABTrack developed a simpler, less expensive and easier to implement solution.

     Now you can design your own forms, menus and reports with built in WYSIWYG design and reporting tools.  Fully automate your laboratory workflow and achieve higher levels of productivity, compliance and automation at a fraction of the cost of many competing systems.



    • ♦  User Definable Forms & Menus
    • ♦  21 CFR Part 11 Compliant (Electronic Signature)       
    • ♦  Custom Reports
    • ♦  Bar Code Support
    • ♦  User Definable Tests & Prompts
    • ♦  User Definable Test Groups
    • ♦  Intuitive Data Entry Forms
    • ♦  Export Data to Excel, Word, PDF, HTML
    • ♦  Interface to instruments and other systems.
  • .
    • Includes Standard Work Flow Modules for:
      • ♦  Batch & Sample Login
      • ♦  Login Approval
      • ♦  Single Request Results Entry
      • ♦  Multiple Request Results Entry
      • ♦  Results Approval
      • ♦  QA Approval
      • ♦  Reports Generation
      • ♦  Sample Location/Disposal Management
      • ♦  Tests & Test Group Management
      • ♦  Administration Functions
    • Optional Modules:
      • ♦  Stability Sample Management



     LABTrack knows very well that laboratory data does not belong on a corporate "island."   A productive and efficient laboratory is just one component in a corporation wide workflow.  LABTrack LLC's Project Management Dashboard is designed for all departments to track the status of their Tasks, Jobs, Requests, Projects, and Production Runs from start to finish - from Quotation to Invoice - Raw Material to Finished Product.  PMD gives each department user Real Time Visibility into your company's work flow. It provides the Transparency and Accountability needed to fine tune your organization's performance.



    • ♦  User Definable Templates, Task Types, Statuses, Resources, Triggers etc.
    • ♦  Unlimited Number of Projects and Tasks
    • ♦  User Defined Task Dependencies
    • ♦  Real Time Status Updates
    • ♦  Interface to LIMS and Accounting Systems           
    • ♦  Labor Hours Tracking
    • ♦  Turn Around Time Calculations
    • ♦  Export to Excel and PDF
    • ♦  Custom Reports
    • ♦  Financial Reports
    • ♦  Key Performance Indicator Reports