“Implementing laboratory software should not be rocket-science.” – R Stember

LABTRACK was founded by Richard Stember in 1996 with the above simple idea in mind. After working for more than a decade at a large company implementing LIMS and CDS, he realized that what many customers really need is something simpler, less expensive and easier to implement. “Why should it take a year or more to implement a LIMS?” he often asked his associates. “It should be easier.”

Since our founding 25 years ago, the LABTRACK team has worked tirelessly to design products that live up to that creed. As a result our ELN functions like a word processor so it is far simpler and easier to use than most ELNs. And it was the first to offer complete legal and regulatory compliance.

Our LIMS is not laden with “bloat-ware” – functions that rarely get implemented. Our customers pay only for functions that they use. And our LIMS meets the needs of most laboratories.

The LABTRACK PMD is one of the most innovative products ever offered for laboratory productivity. It automatically integrates data from many different systems into one platform offering real-time status monitoring and KPI reporting.

Every day we strive to improve and bring to market the products that our customers need. We would love to add your company to our growing list of satisfied customers.

Side Note: Besides leading LABTRACK, Richard also pursues his passion for sharing his knowledge of STEM subjects and inspiring local students. He is a volunteer in NASA’s Solar System Ambassador program and is the founder of the non-profit organization Science Heads Inc..