LABTRACK introduced the world’s first commercial ELN in 1996 and ever since has been at the forefront of providing advanced ELN functionality and ease of use features.

Our ELN product is as simple to use as it is powerful. Its word processor based design means that users already know how to use it. The learning curve is short and user adoption is fast.

At the same time its thin-client architecture makes it simple to implement. No software is needed on the user’s computer other than a browser. And the built-in support for the most commonly used browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) means that virtually any computer with any operating system can be used. This includes Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, Linux; desktops, laptops, tablet PCs, iPads, etc – are all compatible. What could be simpler?

Replace your paper lab notebooks today with a searchable, shareable and compliant system. Achieving the benefits of going digital and ensuring compliance with cGMP, 21 CFR Part 11, GLP, ISO, and corporate standards is easy.

Whether your lab has 5 users or 5,000 users – the LABTRACK ELN is a great solution. Request a demo for your lab.